Bonsai Tweezers

Use to remove dead leaves, insects, weeds and other fine debris around the base of bonsai, the symmtrically-shaped spatula is well suited for tamping soil and the semi-sharp edge works well for scraping soil and loosening soil around the edges of containers.

bonsai tweezers by tianbonsai tools

Used to keep up roots and soil clean.

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This thing is an ideal weed remover. Nothing to contrast these with, yet appear to be of acceptable quality and were an extraordinary valuable expansion to your penjing or bonsai tools set.

bonsai tweezers works on weeds

These have been convenient while accomplishing multifaceted work on my trees.

The applications for this instrument are two crease. Deal with undesirable items. Utilize the tweezers to expels weeds or outside item from the soil.

bonsai tweezers

Tough at the cost, a couple of long tweezers to move beyond the thistles on a few of my trees during pruning.

We can also use them to work with seeds in a comfortable way, to place them and sow them in soil.