Tianbonsai Master Grade tools set

tian bonsai tool set- Seven pieces. Toolcase for carry the bonsai tools

The Master´s grade bonsai tool kit. This made in China tools set by tian bonsai tools offers superb value for money and is one of our all time best selling products.

This finely crafted professional bonsai tool kit has been manufactured to the highest of standards and designed specifically for the serious bonsai master.

The toolkit contains all the tools required including a Professional Shear, Spherical Knob Cutter, Professional Concave Cutter, Professional Wire Cutter, Stainless Steel Professional Angle Point Tweezers and a Stainless Steel Leaf Trimmer

 Bonsai Tool kit

Quality made tools for a good price. Even though it says for beginner, anyone would be happy with these tools.

The set for beginners, contains the following tools

  • 7″ (180mm) Long Handle Twig Scissors.
  • 8″ (200mm) Concave Branch Cutter.
  • 8″ (200mm) Knob Cutter (spherical cutter).
  • 7″ (175mm) Root prunning scissors (butterfly shears).
  • 7″ (175 mm) Wire cutter.
  • Stainless steel Bonsai tweezers.
  • Black zip toolcase

Good quality stainless steel bonsai tools. Great Value

Master’s Grade tools, were manufactured via 5Cr15MoV alloy-steel.

5Cr15MoV alloy-steel have high intensity, strong tenacity and wearability, which contains Molybdenom, Vanadium, 0.5% Carbon and 1.5% Chromium, after quenching treatment, it’s hardness is over HRC58, have high intensity, strong tenacity and wearability

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Master Grade

This bonsai tools master series, were produced through 5Cr15MoV (Stainless Steel Tool) and High-Carbon Alloy Steel (Carbon Steel Tool), carefully assembled by the ace laborer from TianBonsai.

About 5Cr15MoV Steel, carefully it’s not the genuine non-rust steel, it is further developed combination material.

As the great material for the bonsai tools and suplies, would require with high force, solid industriousness and wearability.

Our Master’s Grade bonsi tools were fabricated by means of the 5Cr15MoV Steel. this material, contains Molybdenom, Vanadium, 0.5% Carbon and 1.5% Chromium, in the wake of extinguishing treatment, it’s hardness is over HRC58, have high power, solid perseverance and wearability.

  • Chomium
  • Molibdenom
  • Vanadium
  • Carbon

Be that as it may, kindly note one condition, in view of this material contained 0.5% Carbon, it’s surface still would rust.

But since of it likewise contained the Chromium, the Chromium will arrangement a layer passivation film to ensuring the assortment of devices and never let it rusting.

Along these lines, in the event that you don’t tending your tools after lengthy timespan utilized, maybe you will discover your devices have somewhat corroded, don’t stress, the rust just superficially, it never harm your instruments.

buy now your master´s grade bonsai tool kit

Master grade Bonsai Tool Set by Tianbonsai

Representing excellent value for money , this  tool set from Tian Bonsai Tools, contains all the essential tools for the more advanced level Bonsai artist.

High quality traditional bonsai tools to begin or add to a collection. These tools together make a great tool kit or gift set for training bonsai trees.

Bonsai Tool Set by Tian Bonsai

Included in the set are shears, concave cutter, pliers, wire cutter, tweezers.

The stainless steel alloy are made by the 5Cr15MoV (certified hardness HRC58).

Tian Bonsai tools give us a 3 Years Assurance with no fee.

  • Tian Bonsai Jin Plier (8″)
  • The Trunk Splitter for wood(8″)
  • Triming Shears (7″).
  • Concave Cutter (6.5″).
  • Knob Cutter or spherical (7″)
  • Mix Round Edge Cutter (7″)
  • Bonsai Tweezers (8″)
  • Leather faux Toolcase

These tools represent the most traditional and proven form of tooling.

The set covers all the basic and most common, essential bonsai tools for making and training your creation. But advanced too. It’s great for training all areas of bonsai, from the roots to the canopy.

bagg tools case tian bonsai

Look at each individual item for more details.

A great offering, a full set of bonsai tools in a kit with an accompanying bonsai tool case.

A great deal and great price. Open you zipper bag and find different kinds of shears and types of cutters.

There are many kit available with different tools. Know them and buy the one that fits your budget.

There are many kit available with different tools. Know them and buy the one that fits your budget.

The collection of tools together boasts a usage across the board in bonsai training.

Perform all different cuts with the shears and cutters. You are unlimited to what can be accomplished with all these items.

Makes a great gift set also, being it comes with the carrying case.
Protected in a zipper bag, you have all the products needed to perform daily maintenance and some extensive training.

Go ahead, give it a shot. And if you need more specialized bonsai tools, well you know where to find us.

In general, with all our bonsai tools, please maintain proper lubrication. Keep clean and sharp. General inspection and maintenance. Keep clean and performing well.

Tian Bonsai tools set Review

set tian bonsai customers review

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This is a very nice tool set at a very reasonable price. I’m a big fan of bonsai tools, and of course have the TIAN BONSAI SET at home yet.

Granted, the tools, pliers and cutters comes in a variety of sizes, all abour 8″. But I happened upon the Bonsai Tools Set at a local store the other day, and was really impressed by the quality (less so the retail price). When I discovered it could be had for a much lower price on Amazon, that sealed the deal. In the long run I may find that I got what I paid for.

Master Grade tools review

TianBonsai Quality Assurance: 1 Year, in normal use. If the tools have any problem, Tian Bonsai Tools will send you a new one to you without any fee.

Just take a photo and send it to the mail contact to show the problem.

beginners set tools kit review Tian bonsai