A well-designed bonsai tool case especially made to carry bonsai tools. Flex-strap in place and secure your bonsai tools at the same time provide protection with this zipper bag. Fits five bonsai tools.

Tian Bonsai Tools design the case for place 6 pieces (8″) bonsai tool or 8 pieces (7″)

  • Tool case open size: 17-3/8 inch * 9-3/8 inch,
  • Case close size: 8 inch * 9-3/8 inch.

Tool case bag

Used to protect and secure five bonsai tools. Designed especially well to hold scissors, shears, and cutters.
Bonsai tools carrying case. Perfect bonsai supplies for storage needs. Insert bonsai tools into straps and zip close.

Keep clean and inspect zipper.

The bonsai tool case is usually included when you are going to buy a bonsai tool kit, although because there are several models you can buy the bonsai tool kit that you like or best suits your needs. They have great quality and your tools for bonsai will always be protected and tidy.

tools case bag
Tool case bag by Tian Bonsai in faux leather

Pouches for all your bonsai tools. Made of super tough gray vinyl or canvas, scuff resistant, repels water, designed for heavy outdoor use. Riveted nylon straps to hold tools securely.

And the second, if you are new to this art, read everything you can, learn and if questions arise that you will surely have, do not hesitate to ask them. We have all started from scratch and there is much to learn.

I think you already have all the tools you need for your bonsai and now what you are looking for is the accessories that help you in your day to day when you work your trees. If so, we have chosen the best accessories for bonsai, with the best quality / price adapted to your budget. You can find more information about bonsai extensions at the end of this page.