How to clean bonsai tools

how to clean bonsai scissors

It’s essential that when you finished with the day’s work, you must clean your tools to ensure the tool’s quality. Today we explain how to properly clean bonsai tools. There are 2 main reasons to clean your bonsai tools properly. Clean bonsai tools 1. It helps to keep the tools fresh and strong. 2. It … Read more

Bending a bonsai branch

bending a bonsai branch

In this post, we will be talking about raffia and how you can use it to bend branches in o your bonsai tree. Do you know how to bend a bonsai branch? What is Raffia? Raffia is essentially a natural current fiber that comes from a palm tree. What we’re concerned about is protecting the … Read more

Cutting branches and sealing wounds. Pruning your bonsai tree

bonsai knob cutter

Once you have completed the work of tapering (kokejun), the initial rise (tachiagari), and wiring, you can begin the final shaping of the plant. This is known as pruning your bonsai tree. Pruning reduces the volume of the tree in order to achieve the goal of “keisho-sodai”; small size-great similarity. You need to prune the … Read more

Is Bonsai an Art?

bonsai trees

Bonsai and Penjing are forms of art. And to do art, you need the right bonsai tools. Welcome to the art of bonsai. People tend to consider bonsai as a craft, but it is hard to deny that the end result is indeed artistic. Craft or art, in either case, our bonsai supplies will help. It … Read more

Tianbonsai Master Grade tools set

The Master´s grade bonsai tool kit. This made in China tools set by tian bonsai tools offers superb value for money and is one of our all time best selling products. This finely crafted professional bonsai tool kit has been manufactured to the highest of standards and designed specifically for the serious bonsai master. The … Read more

Copper vs Aluminum

bonsai wire and tools on a table

Copper vs Aluminum Bonsai Training Wire Wire is an important aspect of bonsai techniques. At stores, there are wires of many different materials and of many price points and geographical origins That begs the question: copper or aluminum? Copper was used before. But things are changing. Bonsai masters have always used annealed wire copper. We … Read more

Root Cutter

root cutter tian bonsai

Root Cutter by Tian Bonsai Tools Similar to a spherical cutter or a concave cutter, this tool resembles many of our typical bonsai tools used for cutting and trimming. However, the main difference is that it has been designed for the “dirty job.” This tool is made to last as it takes the harshness of tough wood, dirt … Read more

Branch Bender

branch bender tool for bonsai

As any gardener knows, branch benders are essential. Our branch benders have different levels of adjustments to accommodate every sized branch. Medium size Has the strength to tackle bending wood and keeps the wood into place. Large size This tool is primarily made for bending branches and manipulating them in place for the duration of … Read more

Drainage screens

drainage screens for bonsai pot

We sell a set of heavy-duty, plastic drainage screens for controlling debris when watering bonsai. Keep in bonsai soil by blocking the holes under your pot with this screening product. It keeps soil in; which prevents loss and keeps things clean. This drainage mesh can be secured under your pot with wire, adhesive, or weight. … Read more

Trunk Splitter

stainless steel trunk splitter for bonsai made by tian bonsai tools

Our Bonsai Trunk Splitters tackle extreme bonsai training jobs. The tool has more than enough power to cut through any of your bonsai parts; especially if you’re dealing with or near the trunk. Tian bonsai tools trunk splitter Bonsai Trunk Splitters are perfect for tackling extreme bonsai training jobs. 8 “ 205 mm 11 ” … Read more