Bending a bonsai branch

In this post we will be talking about raffia and how you can use it to bend branches in to to your bonsai tree.  What is raffia? Reffia is basically a natural current fiber that comes from a palm tree.  We’re concerned about it is protecting the cambium layer on our branches so what we’re … Read more

Cutting branches and sealing wounds

How to prune a branch and sealing the wound 1. Use suitable cutters or a small tooth saw to remove unwanted branches. 2. Keep cuts as small as possible but the priority is to ensure wounds can heal in an attractive way. By making a slightly larger cut flush to the trunk this scar will … Read more

Tips for Indoor Bonsai

It is fairly hard to keep tropical plants thriving indoors during the winter in north regions. Because our winters are so dark, and our houses are generally very dry, extra steps must be taken to maintain our little corners of Eden indoors. We need to duplicate the lighting requirements for our plants according to what … Read more

Is bonsai an art?

Bonsai and Penjing are forms of art. And to do art, you need the right bonsai tools. People also tend to consider it a craft, but it is hard to deny that the end result is indeed artistic. Craft or art, in either case, our bonsai supplies will help. It brings together natural beauty by hand. … Read more

Copper vs Aluminum

Copper vs Aluminum Bonsai Training Wire Wire is an important topic in bonsai techniques.At stores there is wire of many materials and of many prices and also of many origins and different countries made in. Copper was used before. But things are changing. Bonsai masters have always used copper. We have just started to use … Read more

Tian Bonsai Tools Review

An exhaustive review on the characteristics, quality and performance of one of the best seller bonsai tools. Tianbonsai tools. The cheap Chinese Bonsai Tool from Amazon, ebay or aliexpress, but with a lot of surprises. May be you was wondering what a good price range would be for some basic tools. ¿Are you a beginner? … Read more

Bonsai tools for beginners

In this post we will be talking about bonsai tools for begineers. I’ll go through each of the tools that a bonsaiyist amateur have in his bonsai tool case and the tools that all of us use every day sort of what their purpose is, what they’re called and how we will use them on … Read more