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The spherical branch cutter (kobukiri)

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The spherical cutter
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Spherical Cutters are also known as Bonsai Knob Cutters.

Used for removing the stub of a branch left after cutting, and producing a concave cut on the trunk to speed callousing.

Tian bonsai Knob Cutter

This bonsai tool is an average size basic bonsai knob cutter. Great for clean, deep cuts close to the trunk with great scar control.

The Traditional Spherical Knob Cutter is used in bonsai to cut as close as possible to trunk without having any further pieces of the branch left.

Makes somewhat of a hole, so when scarring does occur, it is minimal as the healing takes place it will then fill in the hole leaving a flush effect.


175 mm.


205 mm.


260 mm.

Tian bonsai tools offers you three different product sizes

bonsai knob cutter

Comes sharp and in steel for heavy duty branch or wood removal. Designed to tackle small to medium tree parts with a sharp cut. Use this product when entire branch removal is needed. Can be used on small branches and branches up to about one-half inch think.

We recommend, like all our bonsai tools, that it stay sharp, clean, and oiled. Keep out of humid areas for any prolonged amount of time.

Used for removing the stub of a branch left after cutting, and producing a concave cut on the trunk to speed callousing.

Creates a deep rounded cut into wood for healthy scar healing on bonsai trees.

Great for cutting imperfections, knobs, trunk parts, roots, and branches. Use this tool for clean cuts, rather than sawing or multiple cutting with shears. One quick pressure applied cut is achieved.

Identify problem areas and remove them by one-stoke cutting with the tool. After you target the area to be removed, place blades opened on each side and press down hard.

Tian Bonsai tools Knob cutter Review

The spherical mower of Tian bonsai tools has obtained certification for the materials used, specifically under the Standard Rockwell HRC of steel hardnesses, when using Chrome, vanadium and Manganese.

Thus, its products for bonsai, are offered in several versions that are related to the price and that allow each tool to adapt to the budget deriving from Bosnai fans.

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