chosing a bonsai shears

In this article we’re going to be talking about how to choose a bonsai shears.

I’ve got a couple chairs here I’ve gotthree actually and they’re all differentmaterial or they’re all different priceranges and I thought it might be neat tosort of go over you know the pros and cons of each and why say I prefer oneover another and sort of what I usecertain shears for which one I use fordifferent situations all right so thefirst year I’ve got is this sort ofall-purpose year so you can recognize itfrom a red and white handle and usuallythis is made in Taiwan or it’s made inChina occasionally I’m find one made inJapan but it’s going to rare but if youfind one of these this is called a nicein our store

I think I called theall-purpose here but these are probablythe number one beginners here that Ialways recommend if somebody is juststarting with bonsai and they don’t wantto you know put down a lot of money forsheers this is my go-to shear so thethings I like about it price I mean thisis will be the lowest price shear thatyou’re going to find I mean I think onour store it’s like ten ninety five soit’s a steal this year is a super cheapbut at the same time it’s not reallygiven up much in terms of function Imean it still got a really good sharppoint right here and if the handles aregreat you know it’s got a lot of controland even though it’s plastic handlesthat you know if you really pull theseoff they will slip off but you can putthem back on they still can handlealmost everything you need they can evencut thick branches as long as you cutthem at the joint right there and not atthat’s it so if you’re just starting outand you need to share I’d go to this onesecond I’ve got this made in Chinastainless steel shear and it’s got thisyou know yellow I’m justorange wrap on it that just indicatedthat it was mine at one point but thisyear you know I love the shape of thisyear it’s smaller it’s got this likedidn’t handle you know too small handlesand it’s really easy to controleverything to get in there candles cutbranches trim back growthis year is great for control and I usethis year for you know when I was firstlearning for about two years and itreally never let me down I made thepoint you know still you know it’s stillsharp at the point and it hasn’t shippedand since since the stainless steel ifyou leave it out it doesn’t reallychange I think it doesn’t rust and youknow you can leave it out all day andleave it all night and you can come backto it and still go function exactly thesame the only con is that it you knowit’s a little bit more expensive youknow some people say okay it’s made inChina but you know what the Chinese madetools have actually kind of stepped uptheir game and honestly this tool thisyear if you know if I didn’t switch tothis guy right here I’d still be usingit it’s very functional and I definitelythink it’s very good chair and lastlyI’ve got this year right here this guyright here and this is a made in Japancarbon steel shear and it’s no theorange thing means it’s mine but this isa she say Brandon Bashir which isbasically the here I’ll take a look atthen you can take a look at the brand tosee like alright well there’s no way youcan see that no no no way you can seethat sorry that didn’t work but thisthis used a branch shear is a greatchair and this is my sharpest shear thatI use it’s the carbon steel just in thisextremely sharp and if you compare thisis kind of silly but if you compare thesound of this years in a hole up the airjust um country air and compare thesound of the shears you can tell thatthe quality on this one is just you knowway way higher than yeah made in Chinastep shear so and then the nice thingabout this is that when it startsgetting used up it starts to kind offade and it just kind of looks cool youknow a function you know functional wiseit it still performs the same as it didbasically I’ve been using this one forabout three years now and you know I diddrop it so as a tip it did ship a littlebit but that was my fault knowingfrom pretty high and it chipped off butstill it’s got enough point I can stillget in there cut candles trim back rowyou know get the cut that I want in thelocation I want it so it didn’t reallyarm it that much she’s a brand tool sucha good sharenow the only downside of this guy isthat it is carbon steel so if I leavethis out in the rain say I leave it outin this nursery tonight one thesprinklers come on this will rust so Iwouldn’t switch to these tools unlessyou know you’re going to take care ofthem really well and you’re not gonnaforget about them outside I mean I’vegot a tool kit and they always go in thesame spot every time so I know if I’mmissing a tool so I know one sitting outstill in the nursery so to sum it up ifyou’re just starting I can go for thisguy right here at some point you knowyou might graduate from it and be likeno what kind of want something nicer andwhich case you can kind of go go to thisone if you know that you’re not going topay attention to exactly where you goingto put it I go with this one but if youwanted to step up to this one you knowthis one’s a little bit more expensivebut it’s going to be the sharpest yearas the highest-quality shear and it’llbasically last a lifetime as long as youdon’t leave it out in the rain sohopefully that was helpful if you’ve gotsome questions just leave them in thecomments below and I’ll try to get tothem otherwise thanks for watching