cut paste

Healing paste offered to be used in bonsai to heal wounds, seal cuts, and assist with grafts.

Wound sealant or cut paste is used to promote healing and reduce the risk of infection in wounds caused by pruning and branch removal. 

Its is recommended that this product is used for all cuts into the trunk that go through the full depth of the bark.

The Bonsai Cut Paste is applied by hand to the wound to form a seal while the bark heals.  The cut paste will normally drop off once this process is completed

When branches are removed with knob cutters a small indentation is left
which should be sealed to allow a better heal mark. 

Once applied smooth with a wet finger to give a better deal against the bark.
The ideal depth of the cut is about the same as two match sticks but this is just a guide

Kiyonal cut paste

kiyonal. the imported cut paste balsam for bonsai

Kiyonal is a japanese cut paste. The cust paste for sealing wounds is an essential bonsai tool not only for bonsai tree but also ordinal gardening. Apply on wounds after pruning your bonsai tree.

  • The cut paste promotes rapid healing of trees wound.
  • Only a tube will last a very longtime.
  • It dries quickly and it is easy to apply.
  • Imported direct from Japan.
  • kiyonal series for bonsai professionals.

Traditional dressing used to seal tree wounds against insects, disease, andweather to speed healing and minimize the shock of wounds when stylingbonsai or repairing branches.

Quick drying sealant containing insecticidesand fungicides that forms a smooth, dark cover that remains quite flexible

Pruning and wound cut paste for sale

sealing cut paste for bonsai

Healing paste offered to be used in bonsai to heal wounds, seal cuts, and assist with grafts.

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Graft and cut paste tube

elm bonsai wound callous
Chinese elm bonsai wound callous.

In order to achieve good bonsai grafting, sealing the affected area is key to success. Therefore, use this paste to facilitate the effort.

The product is also well suited as a bonsai cut paste, sealing wounds from infection.

Made to seal cuts and grafting.

Using the paste will allow for moisture retention, thus promoting a good graft environment.

Conceals wounds by blending in with the color of the bark. Can be used for growing seasons, and for demonstrations and shows.

How to sealant a bonsai wound

Visit our article about bonsai pruning to learn more about the technique.

making cuts and sealing wounds

Do you want a trick that only professionals know?

The pine bark is the most valuable element of a pine bonsai, you know.

Many times, our pines lose a piece of bark, maybe during the winter, repotting or when we are wiring a branch.

If a piece of bark has been dropped, use this cut paste as an adhesive and put the piece back in its correct place.

It is a technique that I learned from a Japanese teacher.

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