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Trimming scissors 7″ (180mm)
stainless steel

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Tian bonsai tools shears

The most popular shear used for cutting and trimming bonsai trees is the trimming shears.

This shear features a traditional wide opening for fingers to comfortably grip around the frame for easy cutting while creating a powerful force into unexpected obstacles encountered while trimming.

This product can be purchased for multiple uses such a leaf trimming, minor cutting of twigs, little roots, etc.

The tool is made to cuts leaves, small twigs, roots, and for general bonsai shaping.

Guide the tool around the surface to remove unwanted growth, or into deep, open, and hard-to-reach areas of branches.

Trimming Scissor

180 mm Satsuki style scissor.

Made for fine trimming, buds, and flowers of bonsai.

The bonsai scissors we recommend for quick and smooth trimming of pine buds, twigs, leaves, and branches are our basic trimming scissors as known as Satsuki Style scissors.

bonsai scissor

Trimming scissor 7″ (180 mm)
stainless steel

This bonsai tool is ideal for non-aggressive, daily maintenance. It works great as a bonsai bud snipping tool. Used on leaves and small twigs or branches. It is a very lightweight tool and perfect for small cuttings.

Trim and shape the leaf structure on bonsai trees. Do not use this tool for heavy shear work. Glide the scissors among already trained leafy areas with quick and smooth motion. Keep the blades very sharp. Oil frequently and keep clean.

200 mm trimming scissors

Similar to our regular 180 mm azalea style trimming scissor, this tool is alike in many respects, except it is longer.

Used well in deep foliage areas of bonsai trees. Like any gardening scissors, just trim and maintain the shape of the branches. However, enjoy the benefits of getting into hard-to-reach areas with this tool.

The advantage this item has is that this frame sports a longer neck, blade, and handle thus extending the range in which it can reach into your bonsai. This tool can reach deep into the foliage for a penetrating snip, a true bonsai snipping scissor. It’s ideal for leaves, small branches, buds, and is perfect as a twig trimmer. Made for foliage maintenance of bonsai trees.

It’s important that this tool stays sharp. Keep it lubricated and clean.

How to use my bonsai scissor

Use it like a barber’s scissor; the best technique is to make small, swift, and multiple cuts rather than tackling a large mass on one pass.
Keep oiled, sharp, and clean. Inspect often and contact us if you have any questions.

Small Traditional Bonsai Shear

The Small Traditional Bonsai Shear, is like the Common Bonsai Shear in every aspect, except it is a smaller size. It’s perfect for beginners or children.

It is the perfect tool to use as trimmer, cutter, shear, and scissor. It is a nice item to add to a toolset and is commonly used on small bonsai trees. It is designed to assist a child’s training in the art
Being a shear, the tool is generally used as a cutting device for bonsai trees. It’s used to cut leaves, branches, twigs, roots, etc. Stay away from large wood specimens with this item.

If tackling dense branches, we recommend starting off with at least the Heavy-Duty Butterfly Bonsai Shear, considering the larger blades with help.
Be sure to keep the tool sharp and lubricated. Inspect often and clean.

Heavy-Duty Butterfly Bonsai Shear

Known as a butterfly shear, this particular one is made for larger trees and tough cutting jobs. Many people especially like the extra-wide and curving handle grip, making cutting your tree easy and more comfortable. With wider blades than most, it’s considered a medium to heavy-duty shear.

bonsai scissors butterfly style by tianbonsai tools
bonsai scissors butterfly style by tianbonsai tools

Use this butterfly shear to trim, cut, and prune areas that are harder than most. It’s grip is designed to be functional and comfortable.

zGlide the shears over overgrown areas of your bonsai tree, for a swift, and constant prune. Encourage branch and leaf formation by constant pruning with this tool.

Keep oiled, clean, and sharp. When finished, do not keep wet or outside.

Guide To Bonsai Shears When practicing the ancient art of Bonsai, Japanese and chinese Bonsai shears should be among the very first tools you acquire.

Sometimes called Bonsai scissors or shears, these are very effective at trimming plant roots, branches, and twigs. You can even use them to trim difficult species that require a fine hand and a delicate

We are going to be talking about shears.

I’ve got a couple of shears here I’ve got three actually and they’re all differentmaterial or they’re all different priceranges and I thought it might be neat tosort of go over you know the pros andcons of each and why say I prefer oneover another and sort of what I usecertain shears for which one I use fordifferent situations all right so thefirst year I’ve got is this sort ofall-purpose year so you can recognize itfrom a red and white handle and usually this is made in Taiwan or it’s made inChina occasionally.

I’m find one made inJapan but it’s going to rare but if youfind one of these this is called a nice in our store I think I called the all-purpose here but these are probably the number one beginners here that I always recommend if somebody is just starting with bonsai and they don’t want to put down a lot of money for shears.

I like about my all-purpose it price.
I mean this is will be the lowest price shear that you’re going to find.
I mean I think on our store it’s like nineteen dollars so it’s a steal this year.
Is a super cheap but at the same time it’s not really given up much in terms of function, I mean it still got a really good sharp point right here and if the handles are great you know it’s got a lot of control and they still can handle almost everything you need.

They can evencut thick branches as long as you cutthem at the joint right there and not at point it

So if you’re just starting out I would go to this made in China stainless steel shear .

If you are goingo to a bonsai school or taken some class, a piece of colored masking tape around the handle, a tstrip or wrap, will help you that indicated it was mine.

I love the shape of this shears it’s smaller it’s got this like didn’t handle too small handles and it’s really easy to control everything to get in there candles cut in little branches, trim back growth this is great for control
I use this shears for when I was first learning for about two years and it really never let me down.

I made the point you know still you know it’s stillsharp at the point and it hasn’t shipped and since since the stainless steel ifyou leave it out it doesn’t really change.

It doesn’t rust and you can leave it out all day and leave it all night and you can come back to it and still go function exactly the same the only con is that it’s a little bit more expensive.

Some people say: “okay, but it iss made in China” but you know what the Chinese made tools have actually kind of stepped up their game, honestly this tool, this shears if you know if I didn’t switch to this one right here I’d still be usingit it’s very functional.

I definitely think it’s very good shears.

Lastly have got this shear. This is a made in Japan carbon steel shear .

A superior cut comes from Japanese cutters. These scissors are made to stay sharp and out last the competition.

Use the tool for all small to medium cutting jobs. Show off to your friends with a superior quality shear for your trimming and cutting needs.

Japanese craftsmanship in bonsai can give your tools more durability and life, better cutting with less need for sharpening.

Remenber. Please keep tool clean and lubricated. Of course, occasional sharpening may be needed.

This is my sharpest shear that I use it’s the carbon steel just in this extremely sharp and if you compare this is kind of silly but if you compare the sound of this years in a hole up the air just country air and compare the sound of the shears you can tell that the quality on this one is just higher than made in China.

The nice thing about this is that when it starts getting used up it starts to kind of fade and it just kind of looks cool a functional wise it still performs the same as it did basically.

I’ve been using this one for about three years but still it’s got enough point.
I can still get in there cut candles trim back row, get the cut that I want in the location I want it.

It is brand tool sucha good sharenow the only downside of this is that it is carbon steel so if I leave this out in the rain say I leave it out in my garden tonight, wth the sprinklers come on this will rust so I wouldn’t switch to these tools unless you’re going to take care of them.
Really you’re not gonnaforget about them outside.

Prevent the tool from forgetting outside

I mean I have got my tool kit on a bonsai tool roll case and they always go in the same spot every time.

That is the way I know if I’m missing a tool. I know one sitting out still in the work desk.

Summing up on the scissors

So to sum it up if you’re just starting I can go for this tool right here at some point you might graduate from it and be like no what kind of want something nicer and which case you can kind of go to this one.

If you know that you’re not going to pay attention to exactly where you going to put it I go with the stainlees steel one.

But if you wanted to step up to this one this one is a little bit more expensive but it’s going to be the sharpest shear, the highest-quality shear and it will basically last a lifetime as long as youdon’t leave it out in the rain.

The Extended Stainless steel Bonsai Shear offers high quality Japanese precision. Being stainless steel, this shear is anti-corrosive and tough.

Made for the serious bonsai hobbyist the advantages of its properties and the extended reach makes this tool a great selection for cutting.
Great tool to be used as a shear or scissor for trimming or cutting tree parts.
Perfect for hard-to-reach areas of the bonsai tree; great extension gives it an advantage.

Use on difficult trees or large bonsai where using an extended neck will come in handy. Made for light to heavy duty tasks.

For optimal cutting, keep the shear sharp. Although the tool is a stainless steel bonsai shear, keep it clean as it will keep its performance steady.

So hopefully that was helpful for you.

To sem up, If you’ve got some questions just leave a message and we will try to get to them otherwise .