Traditional Bonsai Shears

Root prunning Shears by tian bonsai
Root prunning Shears

These bonsai pruning shears are in stainless steel and designed for root pruning when repotting.

tianbonsai style butterfly chinese shears

The iconic shears similar in appearance to butterfly. Made in China. by Tianbonsai

  • 7,5″ (190 mm)
  • Root Pruning Scissors 
  • Stainless steel
  • High quality

Shears for pruning for sale

When repotting bonsai trees it is essential that some work is carried out on the root ball. These bonsai root pruning shears are heavy duty with large blades and handles to help you work on the root ball pruning with ease. 

Bonsai Soil often contains grit and sand which can damage finer bonsai pruning tools so an investment in a stronger pair such as these will pay dividends.

Heavy-Duty Butterfly Bonsai Shears

Known as a butterfly shear, this particular one is made to confort larger spicemen trees and tough cutting jobs.

Many people especially like the extra wide and curving handle grip, making cutting your tree easy and more comfortable, with wider blades than most, it’s consider a medium to heavy duty shear.

bonsai scissors butterfly style by tianbonsai tools
bonsai scissors butterfly style by tianbonsai tools

Use this butterfly shear to trim, cut, and prune areas that are harder than most.

Used primarily as a scissor for basic and general bonsai tree trimming and more, with the advantageous improvement in comfort to other grips.

Glide the shears over overgrown areas of your bonsai tree, for a swift, and constant prune.

Encourage branch and leaf formation by constant pruning with this tool.

Keep oiled, clean, and sharp. When finished, do not keep wet or store outside.