Tian Bonsai Tools Review

An exhaustive review on the characteristics, quality and performance of one of the best seller bonsai tools. Tianbonsai tools. The cheap Chinese Bonsai Tool from Amazon, ebay or aliexpress, but with a lot of surprises.

mutian bonsai tools

May be you was wondering what a good price range would be for some basic tools. ¿Are you a beginner? You need to get some concave cutters, root cutters, shears, and any other tools that would be consider essentials.

We are not looking to spend a ton of money on these. Having said that, we also don’t want sub-par tools that will have to replace to quickly, or worse do damage to a tree.

You can buy tools from the local hardware. Scissors, pliers, wire cutters, and a sharp knife. It all depends on your budget.

But for a little more money, Tianbonsai offers you the first line of its specialized tools. Others really are specialty tools that are purpose-built and there are no great replacements that I’ve found at the hardware store. We would rather spend a little bit more to get something with decent quality.

We will focus on the principal tools though the opinions can be useful for rest of the tools iseller.

About TianBonsai tools

Mu Tian bonsai tools is the company that owns the Mu Tian Bonsai Tools brand. The brand can only be found online in portals such as aliexpress and e-bay. They have their own site too.

In his own words: “is a professional manufacturing company focusing on the creation of high quality bonsai tools. Our production facility is located in China”.

Mu tian produces instruments in China concentrating on high-grade bonsai tools generation. They note the nature of the tools they create and report that they are the producer for some celebrated bonsai brands.

“We are the original equipment manufacturing for many bonsai tools company” said on their note.

satsuki shears 180mm tian bonsai tools

And continues: “At Tian bonsai we have the foremost trained craftsman with a complete production line. Many years of experience have taught us how to make the best quality bonsai tools”.

“Besides the Tian Bonsai brand, we own Mu Tian and Beginner series brand since June 2013, we have established our online stores at eBay, amazon and aliexpress”.

“We now have acquired the trust of any bonsai enthusiast around de world, carrying on the management philosophy that the customers comes first, Tian Bonsai continues to improve the logistics of distribution, and after purchase customer service”.

“We constantly consider your wishes so, you have the best consumer experience possible. Our commitment is to bring you the most reliable, durable and fines product achievable”.

jin pliers bonsai

“We hope that our products increases your enjoyment of bonsai and together we can advance this ancient elegant art”.

The quality levels of Mu tian bonsai tools

Here are the  different quality levels

  • Master Craftsman Series.
    • The TOP of Tian Bonsai. Hand made tools made in 9Cr25Mov for stainless steel pieces and a strong heavy hardness HRC62 for high carbon alloy steel.
  • Master’s Grade (Tian Bonsai tools).
    • 5Cr15MoV  stainless steel and HRC58 for high carbon
  • Professional Grade (Mu Tian Bonsai ).
    • Forged in 4Cr13Mov stainless steel or high carbon alloy steel with a HRC55 hardness.
  • Standard grade (Beginner Bonsai Tools.)
    • This tools are made in 3cr13 stainles steel or carbon steel with HRC50 hardness.

Beginners Line

It may be enough for rookies an amateurs with sporadic use.

Only standard grade, are not sealed with “kanji”. Rest of grades are signed by the chinesse letters of Tian.  

Their site even claims that their novice devices are high quality by gifted specialists from Tian Bonsai, complete with posted data about their steel piece for Tian’s fundamental line of devices.

Product Catalog

Customer Service

The brand say in their paper sheets: “Tian notes they present to you the most solid, tough, and best items attainable and puts an overwhelming accentuation on their great client assistance”.

It is true. Mu Tian bonsai offers a Fantastic customer service. If you have any questions they answer in a timely fashion. They are polite and expeditious in handling any issues

If you ask a question through their channels, you will have a quick response from a product manager.


The packaging materials are enough for protect the items. The tools come in a cardboard box sealed with the product data and the bar code.

Inside the box, the tool is wrapped with a bubble wrap to protect them.

When you open the plastic bag and catch the tool you can feel a little machining or lubrication oil in the surface.

Cheap tools set bonsai

Mu tian offers two or three mixed pieces and some kits of four, five and up to ten tools. You choose the grade and steel tiype and save some money.

They do offer a ton of blends of various pieces, so there are many choices. They likewise offer individual supplies, and costs on their top “master grade” devices will in general be a touch under those of other very good quality devices.

 If you expect an offer, black friday or sales, it will be difficult to find something similar with quality and good opinions in the market.

Tian Bonsai has some exceptionally pleasant “ace” apparatuses, for example, their sets and tools kits, under the $200.


They are made in China, but their tools are very high quality, have a 2 year warranty and they have 100% feedback on e-bay or amazon, with all super good reviews.

A brand with a huge number of tools, in different grades to select them by our exprience an budget.  but that forgets some of the fundamentals. The quality of the steel is very high, even in its lowest range (standard), their finished and ergonomics remind higher price tools and the edges are very sharp.

Customer reviews

These images contain some of the reviews that the different tools and products of mu tian have received in the main selling portals.

The highest score is 5/5 stars and the lowest is 4/5 stars. Up to an average of 4.9 / 5 on some products. Very good results for customers. That’s all that matters .

Everything about these tools are great. Very sharp, very sturdy, and nice looking and not cheaply made at all.

We know Japanese made ones are super nice, higher in quality too, but Japanese are also expensive and sometimes, if you have not a professional bonsai shop near to your home, difficult to get them.

Tianbonsai offers you many options to choose from, make your purchase now

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