Cutting branches and sealing wounds

How to prune a branch and sealing the wound

1. Use suitable cutters or a small tooth saw to remove unwanted branches.

bonsai branch cutting

2. Keep cuts as small as possible but the priority is to ensure wounds can heal in an attractive way.

By making a slightly larger cut flush to the trunk this scar will become almost invisible in the future.

3. Shave off the rough edges of the wound using a sharp, sterile knife and shape so that is completely flush to the trunk.

This speeds up the callusing process and ensures the final scar is less obvious.

4. When the cut stopped bleeding, apply a thin layer of suitable wound sealant such as paste containing antifungal and antibacterial agents.

Use it sparingly: a thick layer can actually inhibit healing.

We recommend you a japanese cut paste as kiyonal.

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sealing cut paste for bonsai

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5.Allow the sealant to dry.  The seal will stay on the tree for several years until a callous forms naturally underneath.

Don’t be tempted to remove the sealant  to see what is happening beneath it.

 6. for larger wounds especially on species that are very slow to callous you may want to apply sticky-backed aluminium tape over the top of the wound to promote rapid healing.

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