bonsai tree wire cutter

Made in China. These wire cutters are designed specifically for removing bonsai wire. Although enthusiasts new to bonsai sometimes substitute standard wire cutters, these are designed with a rounded head to prevent damage to the trunk and branches when removing wires. The jaws of the cutters cut the wire symmetrically and cleanly. Highly recommended for bonsai enthusiast

Bonsai Wire Cutters Made in China

Another essential tool that you should have in your bonsai toolkit

The wire cutter tools

In this article, we are going to be talking about wire cutters.

I consider another essential tool that you should have in your bonsai toolkit so I am going to show you difente types and materials wiure cutters.

In fact I have got four different styles wire cutters and then I will run through with yo what I think are the advantages of each one.

I hope that it will help you to decide which wire cutter will suit your needs.

The first wire cutter I had was the hardware store wire cutter one.

Most people think that they can get away with just using something like a common hardaware store cutter.

What you will find is that when you use this on a thicker aluminum wire you’ll find that this won’t actually do what you need it to do.

Yes, it will cut but you got to make sure you cut it right here, at the joint.

Also when you try to make a cut if it is already on the tree, if the wire is on the tree, at this exacty point.

Then a common cutter will dig right into the tree and I will demonstrate that for you, so you kind of know why they are sort of especially made bonsai wire cutters specifically for bonsai as opposed to just grabbing up a hardware store wire cutter.

A bonsai wire cutter has blunt tips to avoid damaging the tree, and it works very well. when the wire is mut near the bark.

These smarter shares this one right here this smaller wire cutters masakuni but this one the reason I have this one is because you can easily palm it in your hand as you’re wiring so as you’re wearing a tree you can easily make a cut quickly and easily just by using this one.

The problem is that is masakuni so let’s go running a little bit you know kind of expensive so if you unless you really do a lot of wiring and you want speed this might not be the thing to get.

By his side, on the photograph I show you my little budge. This is a Yagimitsu but shear and what is nice about this is that this is actually good for cutting, you know, little branches but it can also it’s heavy-duty enough that you can cut small sizes of wire so this can also be prompt as well.

If you’re wiring you can still maneuver this one righ there and cut branches and cut wire at the same time and this is going to be a lot a lot more affordable.

So, probably my favorite style of wire cutter are these scissor style ones and those would be this these ones right here three different ones.

There are a lot of different brands and two different types of material. You can buy the carbon steel one and the stainlees steel scissor style wire cutter one.

Both are really good one I have to say one of this are always on my toolcase, is part of my tool kit.

The advantage of the scissor style ones is that you can easily you bloop your fingers in like this just like this you can easily cut any of the wire quickly and with control as well so you can get in there and you can you can put this you can pawn this as well but you can easily cut the wire just but with the easy you know simple ordinary scissor movement you know it’s just like this the loops help you keep the pinging I will keep the wire cutters on your fingers.

This is a very good tool if you are cutting anything underthree I mean it can do a four millimeter as well on the aluminum wire but anything under three if you’re doing some fine detail wiring you want to befast this one is probably the most affordable and the quickest way.

You know the stainless steel ones are good for if you don’t want it you know if you leave them outside you don’t want them to rest that is good for the stainless steel.

They essentially function exactly the same. They punch function exactly the same it just comes down to the material and which one you think you know you will need which one sort of suits the the way that you handle your tools or take care of your tools and if you want something that performs a little bit better you can move up to the shee tsa wire cutter right here this is our stout one and this one right here I mean you can tell that it’s a little higher quality a little hard called in this one you feel it and then I’ll cut you knowI I have had this one for a really long time and you can tell by look how dirty it isright there it’s been through a lot andit still functions perfectly and thisone you know so this is a great tool ifyou want moving the made in Japan doesshe say where I could eyes are very goodand then for the heavy-duty ones I’vegot to I’ve got may in China one righthere and I’ve got a main Japan one righthere now these ones these tools righthere are used for cutting the biggerwire like seven millimeter are reallythick wire that you know or that thescissor style ones can’t do and they’redesigned like this to give you the mostand the widest handle here so give youthe most leverage to cut thicker wirethe reason that you know these wirecutters you know are useful is that theymake cutting the thicker wire very easyso sometimes with the hardware storewire cutters you know you’ll struggle tocut a thicker piece of wire but with oneof these guys they’ll just cut throughit like butter I’ve also got one more Ijust one who got this from our warehouseI’ve got to bring it out but this is aRuger heavy-duty wire cutter as well andfor these wire cutters it does make adifference in the quality that you wantand the heavy-duty wire cutters if yougo with the cheapest one here it’s justa made in China generic one if you gowith one of these it is gonna be alittle bit difficult to cut some wireit’s not go funky as well you know it’sa little tough like that and also whenyou go to cut it sometimes they’ll havelittle grooves inside here that won’tget the wire perfectly so that’s that’skind of a downside to a lower qualitymade in China wire cutters but itdoesn’t mean that mainshine is bad if you move up to the Ryuga brand righ there these heavy-duty wire cutters actually function really well.

They you know it could tell you lookright there it’s a good nice flush cutand these ones will cut through veryeasily as well the main you know themain Japan ones I have this one it’s alittle bit longer and length right hereyou can kind of see it’s a little bitlonger this one I like the handle of itthe shape of it you know it’s you knowit’s a little longer and I can get alittle bit more a little bit more forcewhen I go to cut heavier wire but eitherway both of these actions actuallyfunction very well well you’ve got allthese different wire cutters you knowwhich one do you end up choosing I meanif you’ve got to choose just oneI mean choose the heaviest one youchoose this one if you want to save alittle bit of money go with the made inChina ones you know I would I wouldrecommend at least a really good onesthe higher quality ones that the basegeneric ones these ones don’t work toowell and you’ll you know you’ll get alittle frustrated after a while butthese ones right here will cut the youknow almost all the wire without anyissue so if you have to go with one wire cutter I would probably go with the heavy-duty wire cut it let’s do the heavier wire but they core wire but also lets you do the smaller wire as well

If you want to get a second wirecutter that’s where I would kind ofrecommend the scissor style you knowhere we got the stainless steel onethese are really good for when you’redoing the detail wiring you’re workingwith smaller wire and you know most ofthe time you won’t be working with sickseven millimeter aluminum wire so youcan work with the smaller wire you canuse one of these and this will makequick work of any smart wire stay underthree millimeter another nice thingabout these is that since they’resmaller they fin your pocket reallyeasily so if you have something likethis just throw in your pocket whileyou’re working you take it out and thencut the wire and then just keep on goingso which part kind of do I have in mytoolkit I’ve got the heavy-duty MaineJapan one right here I’ve got thescissors style one right here you knowyou can tell by the orange tape thoseviews are part of itand then I’ve got the mastic any oneright here but the one that I use to getthe most mileage out of it’s actuallythe scissors down one and this one isthe one that I almost use all the timeand it’s always my pocket when I’mworking with bones so I’m gonna do aquick demonstration I’ll show you howyou know I’ve got some thicker wire overhere I’ll show you how these wirecutters work with you know when it’sactually cutting wire so you can get anidea of how to go performance so hereI’ve got some thicker wire right hereand I’ve got my heavy-duty I’m in Japanones right here and if I just cut off apiece like this you can see that I haveto do is just make a simple effort likethat and it cuts the wire with noproblem if I decide to go with the youknow the Snowman Japan karma so if I gowith the main China one right here thisis a really good one and I cut the samesize wire it’s the same thing it cutsoff just like nothing and it leaves alittle bit groove like this and comesoff very easily and I’ll do it again sothis one right here the main kind ofwriggle one I just put it right theremake a cut really simple no effort andit comes off so if I made if I go withthe mainshine generic one I’ve got thisone right here I try to make this cutyou can see it’s kind of doesn’t fit aswell but I have to make a little bitmore effort and I’ll still cut you knowstill cuts you can see it still cuts butI have to maneuver it a little bit moreto make sure it does it and there is alittle bit more force to it but it’llstill do it and these guys right herethis is our style you know like this itjust won’t do it you know it starts tomake a groove right there but it won’tmake the cut you actually damage thetool of you try to cut it you know butif you’ve got you know your smaller wireright here you got the smart wire andyou try to cut it with the scissorsstyle then it’s no problem right somecut just like that with the stainlesssteel China small cut a problem carbonsteel China same thing nopebut Cheers even when I get smaller likethis you know no problem just don’t cutit just don’t go too big on theseotherwise you’ll damage them now ofcourse the mosque any ones that I haveright here just part of my tool kitright here makes a quick work of it aswell okay and now to illustrate a littlebit I’ve got a little sacrifice got alittle branch or that I wired up reallyquickly just to demonstrate to see soyou can see how the wire cutters workbut if you come along here see I’ve gotmy you know I’ve got my heavy-duty wirecutter like this okay if you look atthis when I make the cut with this theway it’s designed is that it won’t youknow since it’s got that sort of bluntpoint right there at the end right hereit’s all smooth right there and won’tdig into the branch when I cut it so sayI cut this part right here right thereif I cut that right there you’ll seethat it doesn’t damage the branchunderneath right along here right evenif it’s right up against it it won’tdamage it as opposed to if I have myhardware store wire cutters like thisokaygot my hardware store wire cutters likethis you can see that if I try to makethis cut here and I tried carefully notto cut it right there the branch itsfirst going to be harder because youknow the hardware store wire cutters aremeant to be just cut at the tip therebut if I make that cut it always ends upmaking some type of dent in the branchright there you know I don’t know if youcould see it but there’s a little bit ofdamage to the cambium right here that’skind of peeled away right there you cansee a little bit of damage right thereand that’s because perhaps because ofthis pointy edge on here on the hardwarestore wire cutter if I try to use thescissor style or something like this onthis branch on this wire that’s just notgonna do it so this will protect as wellso yeah it’s got that Blum point as wellon the N right thereso I’ll smooth them blunt but it won’tthis one just won’t cut this way and youknow wire cutters aren’t the mostexciting tool to have but if you pickthe right one he’ll make you know whenyou’re working on trees and your wiringtrees they’ll make the job a lot easierand you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

Precautions for use of the product

Please choice the right products base on the size of your bonsai trees. we offering the different size bonsai tools, below is the limit size of branch they be designed for cutting:7inch cutters, could use for cutting the limit 5 mm wet branch.8inch cutters, could use for cutting the limit 8 mm wet branch.11inch cutters, could use for cutting the limit 15 mm wet branch.