Trunk Splitter

Our Bonsai Trunk Splitters tackle extreme bonsai training jobs.

The tool has more than enough power to cut through any of your bonsai parts; especially if you’re dealing with or near the trunk.

Tian bonsai tools trunk splitter

Bonsai Trunk Splitters are perfect for tackling extreme bonsai training jobs.

8 “

205 mm

11 ”

270 mm

14 ”

360 mm

Tian bonsai tools offers you different lengths of our tools to suit your every need.

This trunk splitter is an impressive 11.5 inches in length.
This is an extra-large traditional bonsai trunk modification tool. It is known as a splitter because of its forcefulness in tearing through difficult wood. It is frequently used to rip through trunks and hardwood.

To use, simply apply a massive amount of cutting force to an area you wish to remove or tear. The tool creates impressive jin and shari around or on the trunk. It’s a great tool for jinning effects in general.
Be sure to take care of blades and keep them clean. Inspect joint movement every so often.

14-inch Trunk Splitter

tian bonsai tools
The splitter Jaws

This tool is 14 inches in length; much larger than most other bonsai tools since it does jobs that require lots of force.

This piece of metal is used to assist in the difficult task of modeling a trunk to the desired look. Using a combination of cuts, twisting, and bending the tool allows for a dominating yet controlled means of transforming a trunk or sometimes a large branch.

The tool is used to cut many types of wood. You will find that the tool is especially useful at the trunk of the tree, where the wood can be difficult to manipulate.

Be sure to inspect the tool regularly to ensure that peak performance is maintained. Keep the tool clean and keep the edges nice and sharp.

Tian bonsai trunk splitter review

The product has obtained the best durability ratings for its steel.

Up to three different versions of the best alloys in both carbon steel and stainless steel with chrome and vanadium are available.

The tool has an overall rating of 5 stars and the reviews will show you that the customers love the product!

trunk splitter for bonsai

Bonsai Trunk Splitters tough hardcore bonsai tools to tackle extreme bonsai training jobs. It is durable and easy to use.

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