bonsai broom

bonsai broom

Hemp Bonsai Broom for soil

Bonsai supplies for cleaning and maintaining debris around your tree and pot.

This product allows for a safe cleaning with non-aggressive abrading.

bonsai broom for soil

Among the many bonsai supplies we offer is our traditional bonsai broom for cleaning debris.

The broom is perfect for relaxation. Take pride in keeping your tree root base free of debris.

Also, brush along the rim of your bonsai pot to keep the general pot appearance beautiful.

Used to keep and maintain the appearance of your tree and pot in good condition. Used commonly to brush of debris or extra bonsai soil from the root base, also called nebari.

Use short brush stroke to keep bonsai pot trim and root area of your tree clean and appealing. Also brush away any excess bonsai soil from your bonsai pot.
Keep clean and moist.