Bonsai Training Wire

Below is our full range selection of Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire, avaliable in 100 grams and 1 kilogram rolls.

Bonsai Wire

Choosing Bonsai Wire Wiring is the primary way of shaping the trees that you plan to cultivate as Bonsai, which is why among the many questions you need to address when you start practicing this form of art is what type of Bonsai wire you should utilize. Learning as much about wiring as you can

We offer our customers the most proven bonsai wire type. While sharing the same characteristics of aluminum in general, our line of Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire goes beyond the all advantages and is what we refer to “master” quality bonsai wire, the best of the best. Still soft, reusable, manageable, and safe, this bonsai wire has the closest resemblance to the natural color of a tree’s bark.

1.0mm – 100g – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

The smallest selection of wire offered. Great for portability and mame or small bonsai twigs.
A bit too small in diameter to train branches that already have bark. Needs to be used in the green form of branch growth. This size is also good for tie downs or securing a branch to a bender or grafting agents.
Our unique color of the “plated” aluminum creates a rustic bronze/greenish color effect to the bonsai wire. An exclusive chemical formulation that we specify and develop makes this wire’s color as close to natural live tree bark available in the bonsai market.
155 foot roll at 100 grams.

1.0mm – 1kgg – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

Smallest of bonsai wire. Carried in our largest roll of 1 kilogram.
Made for the tiny jobs. Plenty of feet of wire for bonsai trees to last a long time.
Although other “anodized” colors do a fine job being a brownish copper color, this plated system actually changes color depending on angles, lighting, etc. However, it is still primarily that brownish copper color.

2.0mm – 100g – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

Second smallest diameter bonsai wire offering. Used still for small bonsai tree, similar to the 1.0mm, yet a bit stronger.
Perfect size for hardy mame bonsai or small to medium size specimens. This wire is reusable and long lasting.
Our unique color of the “plated” aluminum creates a rustic bronze/greenish color effect to the bonsai wire.
38 feet in length, 100 grams, in roll.

2.0mm – 1kg – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

Large package of wire suitable for many small to medium branch training.
As you look at the bonsai wire, your eyes are fooled because the color fools your vision with the background of the bark of the tree. Soon you don’t realize what’s wire and what’s bark.
The wire is smooth and safe, hardy yet pliable. Easy to use wire, and reusable.
380 feet of copper colored aluminum wire in a roll.

3.0mm – 100g – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

At a diameter of 3.0mm, you start getting into the medium size and strength bonsai wire.
Conveniently provided in a small roll. Medium sized bonsai wire, made for tackling most branches for training bonsai trees. This is usually the most popular gauge for wiring bonsai trees.
For a tougher anchoring system, double-up and use multiple layering. You can achieve the strength on 6 gauge, with two doubled-up 3mm wire.
17 foot roll, weighing 100 grams.

3.0mm – 1kg – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

Our most popular size wire, great for all bonsai training needs.
The 3mm bonsai wire is a great selection because it can tackle most bonsai training applications. Double up for extra strength if needed.
The wire handles small diameter branches, medium, and larger diameters as well. Can be used for tough tie downs, or bending. Take off once branch growth stalls in place.
170 feet of bonsai wire, rolled in a coil.

4.0mm – 100g – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

This type of bonsai wire is considered to on the side of medium, to slightly medium-large in gauge.
With this diameter feel free to tackle tough branches that still have some flexibility in them. This is the last size we carry in 100 gram rolls.
Hardy wire for medium to large branches for bonsai exhibiting some flexibility. Use to wire tough branches, often using two at a time.
Nine-and-one-half foot, 100 gram coil.

4.0mm – 1kg – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

A medium-sized bonsai wire. If you have any medium sized branches or training needed on a tough tree, please start with the 4.0mm size. Now available in 1 kilogram.
Medium sized diameter. Medium plated aluminum bonsai wire sized to tackle medium jobs and training.
It seems to blend with the tree’s greens, browns, tans, etc., and natural features from the leaves, branches and trunk that emit from the medley of beauty and coloration your bonsai exhibits.

95 foot roll.

5.0mm – 1kg – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

One of our strongest selections of bonsai wire. Not the strongest yet. We carry 6.0mm as the toughest wire, yet, the 5.0mm is still a great choice when needing some flexibility and ease.
Strong enough for most hard challenges, yet still manageable. It is the ultimate bonsai wire for long term quality training, especially when your bonsai is being displayed.
Large diameter wire for bonsai. Strong and tough, made for medium to large specimens.
Roll of 63 feet wire.

6.0mm – 1kg – Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire

The toughest bonsai wire available.
We offer this gauge for the serious bonsai hobbyist. The size is made for tough to tackle wood and a bit hard to manage, but still better than using the hardly-pliable copper bonsai wire alternative.
Penjing Iron Works’ strongest and largest available aluminum wire for bonsai. Use for the most extreme jobs.
42 foot aluminum roll, copper color.

1OOg Wire Set (1mm – 4mm)

Total of 400 grams of wire. Get all four bonsai wire sizes, offer in one convenient and affordable set.
Wire set consists of a variety of sizes to tackle all training jobs. Offered in 4 separate 100 gram rolls, totaling 400 grams.
Good for small to large trees. You can now handle small twigs and larger branches.
Wire set comes in 100 gram rolls of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm rolls (400g).

1kg Wire Set (1mm – 6mm)

Total of 6 Kilograms of wire. Awesome bulk amount of bonsai wire to last you through your dedicated training.
Great accessory to have in order to train all your trees. Branches upon branches will have wire, and it’s concealed enough to display.
Shipping cost may seem high, but keep in mind this is six kilo of awkwardly shaped product. Please realize we do not intend to profit from shipment, but rather keep it fair.
1kg gram rolls of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm totaling six kilos.