Bonsai Turning table

japan turning table for bonsai

Turntable for bonsai is very handy when trying to get all around the bonsai when training, maintaining, and trimming.

Get this pro turntable at a great price to assist in this feat.

Use the bonsai turntable to assist with all maintenance of the tree. It turns around in circles to get every angle of you bonsai.

Advantages of A Bonsai Turntable Moving your Bonsai around as you train it can be a much easier process if you have a Bonsai turntable, which is manufactured primarily for the purpose of making it easier for you to train and shape your plants.

In fact, you can do everything that needs to be done.

  • The way to use this supply is simple. Like a lazy susan, just place object on top and spin around as desired.
  • Clean with a soft soap or water, dry immediately after. Store it away out of the heat.
  • It turns at easy and allows you to work on the specimen in 360 degrees to get to any part of the bonsai.

Bonsai turn tables are very handy when trying to get all around the bonsai when training, maintaining, and trimming

  • This is a pro turntable, stainless steel made in, for you to use as a bonsai workstation.

  • This great looking lazy susan is designed for turning bonsai into a desire angle when working with it.
  • A suitable turntable that is durable, water resistant, has textured surface, and is very economical.

Use it while trimming, cutting, watering, or showing it off.

  • The rotating action will revolve your tree around as many times as needed.
  • No great care is needed. The material is a stainlees steel, that is hardy and waterproof.
  • You may want to clean with mild soap and keep bearing lubricated.
  • Proficient bonsai round turntable with greatest pressure driven lift of 82 cm.

We are at last satisfied to report the appearance on the ISA market of a basic turn table for bonsai that will help the bonsaists of each level to work all the more productively and serenely on their trees.

In Japan, bonsaists has consistently been utilizing turntable, however their restrictive expenses have constrained their dispersion in West.

On account of the investigations and the joint effort of notable professionists, we are presently prepared to offer a device roused by the customary Japanese turntable however improved in each detail.

The turntable for bonsai board

Greater The board is 58 cm. distance across rather than the typical 50 cm. will permit you to work with the most amazing material just as with the littlest trees; you can utilize the surpassing space to put your own instruments. More grounded The board is mado out of phenolic marine pressed wood of pine which is pinted and covered in strong non slip elastic (4 mm thickness – hardness Shore A70).

green t turntable for bonsai workstation

Lifting limit at greatest tallness of 82 cm. up to 40 kg. Fixing screws and strung brushes are totally produced using tempered steel. All the materials utilized for the development of Green-T ensure an amazing outside climate obstruction. Valuable Metal base with 5 star support and water powered siphon lift by foot control. Customizable stature of the bearing surface (least 47,5 cm. – greatest 82 cm.) with swing brake separated with a basic development of the pedal.

The 5 removable eye fastens found the lower some portion of the board permit a strong grapple of the tree to the table during the work.

Bonsai turn tables are very handy when trying to get all around the bonsai when training, maintaining, and trimming

Lighter Althought having unrivaled qualities of the Japanese turntable,Green-T has a similar load of its Japanese rivals: 16 Kg. The item shows up dismantled