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Bonsai tools kit

Bonsai Tools Set are cheaper when making a joint purchase. A smart way to get the equipment and suplies you are looking for. Start working your bonsai trees today


3Cr13MoV (certified hardness HRC50)

tool set bonsai


4Cr13MoV (certified hardness HRC55)

Beginner Bonsai Tool kit


5Cr15MoV (certified hardness HRC58)

bonsai tools best sellers 2023

We stock several ranges of tools for creating and maintaining your bonsai; you can find stainless steel bonsai tools from China, built under Japan quality standards, and the budget ranges of cheap chinese carbon steel alloy tools

Choose your bonsai tools

We stock several ranges of tools for creating and maintaining your bonsai; you can find stainless steel bonsai tools from China, built under Japan quality standards, and the budget ranges of cheap chinese carbon steel alloy tools

The knob cutter

knob cutter stainles steel from tian bonsai tools

The Kobu Kiri Hasami makes a hollow wound to let the wound recover nicely and almost spherical cut on the branch there by allowing it to heal flush with the surface.

The concave cutter.

Kuikiri. The first of the tools for bonsai, impossible to replace and best to formation, design and tree pruning. Essential to remove a whole branch at the trunk with a concave cut.

The jin pliers

Designed with a rounded head to prevent damage to the trunk and branches when removing wires.

Satsuki shears for buds

shears by tian bonsai tools.

All tasks of pruning and pinching of buds begin with a well sharpening scissors. A tool that will help us throughout the formation of any bonsai tree.

Wire cutter for bonsai

wire cutter tian bonsai stainless steel

The rounded tip of the wire cutter pliers protects the bonsai tree while removing the wire.
The thickness of its sharp blades allows cutting large gauge wire.

The jaws of the cutters cut the wire symmetrically and cleanly. Highly recommended for bonsai enthusiast

Bonsai tools sale

Bonsai Shears

The most popular shear used for cutting and trimming bonsai trees

Branch bender

Bending branches seems like it can be an impossible feat in the art of bonsai. Make it possible by using the right bonsai tools, like the use of bonsai branch benders.

Bonsai tweezers

a tweezers for multiproposal in bonsai

Choose the right tool for handling pine buds in metsumi and meikiri.

Rake kumade

Bonsai rake tools are used to facilitate in combing through bonsai soil, and packing soil.


Trying to move your bonsai around while training it can be done much easier by purchasing a bonsai turn table.

Splitter pliers

Bonsai Trunk Splitters tough hardcore bonsai tools to tackle extreme bonsai training jobs.

Wire cutter

tian bonsai tools wire cutter

A useful addition to your bonsai tools would be our traditional bonsai wire cutter

Wire scissors

Rounded mouth, short handles to guide by one hand, this wiring tool makes easy for cutting wire.


We chose Copper Plated Aluminum Bonsai Wire as the best option for your wiring needs.

jin pliers

pliers for bonsai tian bonsai

Have the right stuff to make the sometimes challenging feat of jin creation, also known as sharimiki and sabamiki, much easier.

Death wood

bonsa juniper death wood and jin

Use these graver bonsai carving tools for jinning bonsai trees. To create the awesome look of deadwood on your bonsai

Knob cutter

tian bonsai tools knob cutter stainles steel from tian bonsai tools

Knob cutter for bonsai is a basic bonsai tool . Great for clean, deep cuts close to the trunk with great scar control

Concave cutter

tian bonsai tools concave cutter

Tian bonsai tools branch cutter, Chinese concave cutters available. Buy the most important tools for bonsai.

Cut Paste for wounds

Healing paste offered to be used in bonsai to heal wounds, seal cuts, and assist with grafts.

Drainage screens

drainage screens for bonsai

A set of heavy duty, plastic drainage screens for controlling debris when watering bonsai. Buy now¡ No care is need when using this item.

Root cutter

tian bonsai tools root cutter

Tian bonsai tools This tool is made to last as it takes the harshness of tough wood, dirt and sand to attack large roots.

Set tools

tian bonsai tools set

The most comfortable and simple method of having a wide collection of bonsai tools.

Tools Case

bag tools case tian bonsai

A well-designed bonsai tool case especially made to carry bonsai tools

best bonsai tool guides and tips

A selection of essential articles, guides and tutorials on bonsai tools, how to choose the right tools, how to care for and clean tools and how to sharpen them.

Where can i buy my bonsai tools?

We have selected the best bonsai tools from the asian market to suit your needs, carrying the top brand Mu tian.

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We have selected the best bonsai tools from China to suit your needs, carrying top brand, Tian Bonsai. Biggest bang for the dollar.

Cheap bonsai tools with durability

Our range of tools is primarily chinese, with the budget range being of Chinese Origin. More tools are constantly added, so please check back here often!

For passionate bonsai hobbyist like us.
Cutting-edge technology and beauty of the design combine to make this tool a true pro´s .

mu tian bonsai tools

Quality tools made in China

tian bonsai tools

mybonsaitools.com is clear to expose the origin and brand of our tools. Mu tian bonsai tools is our brand.

The hardness of the steel and the manufacturing process, which really determines the quality of the product, not marketing.

We always tell you the truth. Is there another way?

Some years ago it was not so easy to find specific tools for the work we wanted. Fortunately, nowadays it is much easier to find them in many places as more people join to bonsai and love them every year. 

Can I buy cheap bonsai tools?

We will help you select those that best suit your current interests and needs. Whatever you buy, be sure to invest your money in high quality products. If you want, you can watch a video about bonsai tools:

What are tools for bonsai?

Bonsai tools are utensils that always aim to maintain a good condition of our tree.

Their essential function is to remove those parts of the trunk, branches, leaves or roots that do not aesthetically look like the design we give the bonsai.

 Most of them are made of stainless steel, so you can work with moisture even when the ground is wet or freshly watered. All of these tools are necessary as a whole because they perform different functions and help bonsai look good and grow healthily. 

In our online bonsai shop you will find a fast service where you have the best tools within 24 hours and in many cases with free shipping at home. 

Where to buy bonsai tools near me

Sometimes is difficult buying a bonsai or tools at a specialty store near your home. We have selected a wide range of tools for breeding your bonsai. In our online bonsai store you will find a fast service where you have the best tools from 24 hours service and in many cases, with free shipping at home.

How to clean bonsai tools?

We’ll explain how to maintain and clean your bonsai tools, because os the tool for bonsai can be critical. If our tools are not cleaned, oiled and disinfected, we can switch from one bonsai to the next, which we can not neglect.

The quality of bonsai tools is a very important factor as they have a long service life with good maintenance. You should use them well or you should use them as they are intended, for example, not to cut the wire with pruning shears, as this would damage the scissors. 

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