Round edge cutter

There are a mixed sort of concave cuttter that has espherical blade, like the knob cutter but they can also be used as a normal straight mower called round edge cutter

You can see the shape right there it’s a little different because you can sort of accomplish some things that knob cutter would not exactly the things that could I could do but at least it gives you a little bit more options because of that spherical shape right there the nice thing

They’re sharp, there’s no play in the blade, and will get the job done. Tian bonsai mixed function cutters are 100% precise.

Fantastic bonsai tool quality.Good designed,well balanced,super sharp,just the correct size for little and medium cuts with no issue. Mecanically the mixed brancha cutter is great and the forefronts with magnificent finish.

Tips to choose the mixed branch cutter

  • It makes clean sharp cuts.I realize this shaper is going to keep going an extremely significant time-frame.
  • Totally lovely. Lighter, more grounded, and more keen than I anticipated.). I knew to expect the best however Amazon has allowed me to down a ton recently.
  • This item will be the best item I’ve bought and makes perfect cuts on my bonsais. They will recuperate consummately with the pleasant sunken cuts.
  • This is certainly not a modest instrument in quality and cost is extraordinary . You don’t need to spend more on an expensive apparatus.

I profoundly recomend this shaper, you will gladly have this one on youre armory

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