Rake bonsai kumade

Rake bonsai kumade is Used to separate small and medium sized capillary roots during transplanting and repotting. The bonsai tree rake for roots, is one of the cheaper and more useful bonsai tools . Has a single steel prong. Simple, yet a necessary tool for bonsai enthusiasts.

Kumade, the three point rake

Rake and Spatula

Repotting a bonsai tree can sometimes be messy, therefore using the rake as a bonsai supply to keep your hands clean will help. Then, when you are done, use the spatula on the other end of your tool to pack in the bonsai soil.

kumade bonsai

Kumade with rake

One of our bonsai tools that allows the hobbyist to rake and pick root balls apart for a more controlled root trim and repot. 9″. 24cm, stainless steel.

Use the rake and pick for better maintenance efficiency when working. Spatula is advantageous to your collection in order to pack soil into your pot.

Sift through roots with the 3 tines rake. Grab and pull roots apart. Recommended during a repot.

rake and spatula by tian bonsai tools
Tian Bonsai tools
rake and spatula detaill

The spatula is used by pressing and stroking soil around the bonsai pot until a uniformed semi-packed consistency is achieved.
Keep free of humid and moist conditions when done working with the tool. Make sure tool remains clean.

24 centimeters (8.661 inches), 0.08 kilograms (0.176 pounds), Satainless-Steel.

Rake and Tweezers

This bonsai tool is a root rake and tweezers in one. On one end there is a rake for your soil, while on the other end remove weeds and other foreign objects from your soil with the tweezers.

rake and tweezers TIAN BONSAI

Kumade with twwezers

A useful bonsai tool in 8,5″. (23 cm). Stainless steel.

They are long enough to not be a problem with seed or roots, though.

Useful and very popular bonsai tweezers and spatula combination tool. 
Made from durable stainless steel with an overall length of 230mm.

Great for repotting, general maintence, weed removal and much more.

Probably one of the cheaper and more useful bonsai tools you will buy

Used to maintain roots and potting soil. Conveniently designed with two tools in one.

This item is a perfect weed remover. Nothing to compare these to, but seem to be of good quality and were a great useful addition to my tool set. These have been very handy when doing intricate work on my trees.

These is also the only combination of tweezer and rake I could find. Great combination and great price.

The applications for this instrument are two fold. First sift through the media and rake, while at the same time take care of unwanted objects. Use the tweezers to removes weeds or foreign object from the dirt.

Rugged for the price. Does a very good job raking roots and as a pair of long tweezers to get past the thorns on several of my trees during pruning.

Be careful. Do not lost the little piece of rubber tubing that holds the tweezers shut when using the rake.

Twezers for Needle removal on pines

The resistance is more than I find comfortable for fall needle removal on my pines. For quick in and out jobs though, it is fine.

Rreal stout when you 1st tweeze with it, but I noticed the difference right away from my old cheap tweezers.

Useful for seeds work

They are very useful to handle the seeds while we are doing “misho” bonsai plantation

Bonsai hook.

This economical steel root pick is a great tool to assist in sifting through roots and even branches.

The root pick is made to untangle messy braches and roots from bonsai.

Use with quick swipes and unravel.Fingers are firmly placed in the wood part of the item and the hooked point goes through to unwind.

tian bonsai tools hook

Single Point Root Hook

Bonsai tool hook.

23 cm carbon steel alloy and wood.

Coated handled bonsai hook

There area rubber coated hooks. Opening the root ball of a bonsai tree is essential when repotting.  These use of a bonsai tree root hook makes this easier and helps untangle the roots with more care. 

The handle is coated for comfort and the actual Bonsai Root Hook is durable carbon steel. The overall length of this bonsai tool is 230mm

Wooden handled bonsai hook

From our bonsai tools catalog, we offer a stainless steel hook with wood handle root pick made to comb through bonsai roots easily.
It is a medium sized root pick for all size root balls.

This wooden handled bonsai repotting root hook is comfortable and durable.  The stainless steel hook runs straight through the handle so will not work loose as can happen on cheaper verison.

Excellent quality, long lasting and great value.  Making repotting bonsai a pleasure. We have advice on repotting in our bonsai care section

The single hook design makes easier combing of roots and less chances for tangles. Bonsai root rakes and picks, like this one, are primarily used to comb through root balls in order to expose and separate roots from the disorganized ball or system.

This makes root trimming more effective and easier to do and exposes hidden roots that could otherwise not be seen without using the pick.

By placing finders through the grip hole opening, pry the pick into bonsai tree’s root balls and pull bonsai roots apart in order to untangle. Once roots are separated from the system, trimming or any other maintenance needs and applications are better achieved.

Cleaning and maintenance

This tool definitely requires the least amount of care than any of our other items. In fact, aside from the simple and obvious advice of keeping your tools clean, this item really does not need any more attention.

Clean you tools often. You can use mild soap and water to clean the rake.

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