Root Cutter

Root Cutter by Tian Bonsai Tools

Similar to a spherical cutter or a concave cutter, this tool resembles many of our typical bonsai tools used for cutting and trimming.

However, the main difference is that it has been designed for the “dirty job.” This tool is made to last as it takes the harshness of tough wood, dirt and sand to attack large roots.

tian bonsai root cutter stainless steel

Designed for thick roots or mess of roots (often called a root ball) for trimming or removal with pressing blade edges together and tearing.

Root cutter for sale

These stainless steel root cutters are an excellent bonsai tool that are used to help thin the root ball when repotting bonsai trees. 

Heavy roots are removed with ease with these and they also leave a clean cut
to promote healing. 

These cutters measure 205mm in length

what is a root cutter

This tool assists in potting or repotting of bonsai; made to easily cut while performing under muddy or dirty conditions.

Although primarily developed as root system solution, the root cutter is indeed a cutter and bonsai root trimmer, and is also made be used to assist in cutting or tearing a bonsai effect.

root cutter tian bonsai jaws

This product is made for controlling, trimming, or removing roots or root systems.

Press edges hard together capturing the root(s) you are interested in eliminating while continually applying pressure.

For stimulating feeder root recreation, angle the pull and attempt a tearing technique. For cleaner cuts, apply pressure on edges while moving back and forth in small controlled movements until cut goes through completely.

This item is designed for harsh and messy conditions, little or no sharpening is needed if used primarily for soft root cutting.

Please keep clean and monitor joints in order to ensure minimal dirt accumulation.

It is made to create a quick and forceful cut, and the blade edges are lasting and carefree.

Unlike other cutters, these edges will stay sharp enough to do root work without having to worry about constant sharpening.

In fact, the rough cut it may sometimes provide facilitates the creation of feeder roots from the tear it made and optimizes the overall health, feeding, and anchoring of the bonsai tree. In others words, it gives your bonsai more legs.

Cleaning and maintenance

It is important to clean down all bonsai tools after use with a light oil such as camelia oil