About Tian Bonsai

About TianBonsai Co. Ltd.

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TianBonsai Co. Ltd. is an expert assembling organization concentrating on the production of excellent bonsai devices. Our creation office is situated in China.

At TianBonsai, we have the premier-prepared specialized tools with something for everyone. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we have perfected our craft.

We are the first hardware producer (OEM) for many well known bonsai instrument organizations.

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With many beginner clients, Tian Bonsai keeps after-purchase client relations to help you in all your gardening needs. We continually consider your desires so you have the most ideal buyer experience.

Our mission is to bring to you the most solid, sturdy, and best items reachable. We wholeheartedly trust that our items will fulfill your bonsai needs and we hope that we can keep regarding

Tian bonsai tools; four to select.

Tian Bonsai apparatuses fall into four fundamental categories: Standard, Professional, Master, and the Master Craftsman Series.

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Master Craftsman Series

The Master Craftsman Series bonsai category is the most up-to-date arrangement from Tian Bonsai, and it’s made uniquely for the categories. These are the top bonsai tools made in the best stainless steel.

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The Master Craftsman Series scissors are hand-made by the ace skilled worker from TianBonsai. The material is 9Cr25MoV hardened steel, and it has over HRC62 hardness and an incredibly sharp cutting edge It has a butterfly handle, its breadth is 8mm (perfect for grasping and pruning).

The material is 9Cr25MoV tempered steel; which contains Molybdenum, Vanadium, 0.9% Carbon, and 2.5% Chromium. Its hardness is over HRC62 and it has incredibly high power, solid perseverance, and wearability.

Master’s Grade

The Master’s Grade tools are produced with 5Cr15MoV (stainless steel) and high-carbon alloy steel (carbon steel) and is carefully assembled by the master crafter from Tian Bonsai.

5Cr15MoV Steel is not genuine non-rust steel. But rather, it is a further developed combination material.

Our Master’s Grade instruments are created with 5Cr15MoV steel to ensure solidity and durability. this material, contains Molybdenum, Vanadium, 0.5% Carbon, and 1.5% Chromium. Its hardness is over HRC58, has high power, solid perseverance, and wearability.

Because this material contains 0.5% Carbon, its surface will still rust. But since it contains Chromium, the Chromium will arrange a layer of passivation film to ensuring the assortment of devices and never let it rust. In the event that you don’t tend to your tools after a long time, you might discover your tools have somewhat corroded. Don’t stress, the rust is just superficial and it will never harm your instruments.

tian bonsai master grade

Professional Grade (Mu Tian Bonsai Tools)

The Professional Grade tools are made of 4Cr13MoV (which is stainless steel) and high-carbon alloy steel (carbon steel tool) and is handcrafted by proficient professionals from Tian Bonsai.

4Cr13MoV steel is somewhat sub-par compared to 5Cr15MoV Steel; yet is still a great material. It contains Molybdenum, Vanadium, 0.4% Carbon, and 1.3% Chromium, in the wake of extinguishing treatment, its hardness is over HRC55, additionally with high power, solid perseverance, and wearability.

Standard grade (Beginner Bonsai Tools)

To promote bonsai craftsmanship, Tian Bonsai provides the standard grade bonsai instruments to the bonsai learner. Its material is 3Cr13 (stainless steel tool) and carbon steel. It is carefully assembled by a talented specialist from Tian Bonsai.

concave cutter for bonsai trees

The 3Cr13 tempered steel contains 0.3% Carbon and 1.3% Chromium. Its hardness is over HRC50.

Quality Assurance

As a customer, you have a 3 year warranty. If (up to 3 years) your tool has an issue, we will resend you your tool at no charge! All you need to do is send us a picture of the issue.

In terms of quality, our tools (crafted by Bonsai specialists) have the best quality in our devices.

Safety measures for utilization of the item

Please decide the correct items based on the size of your bonsai trees. We offering a wide variety of tools for every size bonsai. Beneath every tool, you will find the maximum point size of the branch they are intended for cutting.

  • 7-inch cutters could be used for cutting the farthest point 5 mm wet branch.
  • 8-inch cutters could be used for cutting the farthest point 8 mm wet branch.
  • 11-inch cutters could be used for cutting the farthest point 15 mm wet branch.

Other than the Tian Bonsai brand, we also possess Mu-Tian and Beginner Series brands. We have set up our very own online stores at eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress. We currently have obtained the trust of numerous bonsai aficionados around the globe.