Tool kit chinese beginner

Beginners bonsai tool kit

This set of tian bonsai tools made in China offers superb value for money and is one of our all time best selling products for beginners so If you are a beginner looking for a best bonsai tools , this kit interests you.

This bonsai toolkit includes the most suitable tools for doing the basic work on your bonsai trees. The brand is of total reliability and recognized prestige. Stainless steel is strong. A purchase that will make you happy without spending your budget

Beginner Bonsai Tool kit

Quality made tools for a good price. Even though it says for beginner, anyone would be happy with these tools. .

Tools includes

This fine tool kit is designed for the novice bonsai enthusiast and makes a fine gift for anyone getting involved with the bonsai hobby.

It contains all the tools the beginner bonsai cultivator will require such as the 7 inch buterfly Shear, 8 inch concave cutter, 8 inch knob cutter , 8 inch tweezers, the wire cutter and a satsuki style trimmer.

The whole toolkit can be wrapped up in a tough and durable nylon case for easy storage.

The set for beginners, contains the following tools

  • 7″ (180mm) Long Handle Twig Scissors.
  • 8″ (200mm) Concave Branch Cutter.
  • 8″ (200mm) Knob Cutter (spherical cutter).
  • 7″ (175mm) Root prunning scissors (butterfly shears).
  • 7″ (175 mm) Wire cutter.
  • Stainless steel Bonsai tweezers.
  • Black zip toolcase

Quality steel alloy

Good quality stainless steel. Great Value

To promote the bonsai craftsmanship, TianBonsai providing the standard grade bonsai instruments to the bonsai learner, it’s material is 3Cr13 (Stainless Steel Tool) and Carbon Steel (Carbon Steel Tool), carefully assembled by talented specialist from TianBonsai.

About the 3Cr13 tempered steel, it contains 0.3% Carbon and 1.3% Chromium, in the wake of extinguishing treatment, it’s hardness is over HRC50.

This evaluation instruments likewise have decent quality and complete capacity. it’s well known cost would give you a chance to have the pleasant devices for cross the edge of the bonsai workmanship effectively.

Beginners Kit review

Tian Bonsai Quality Assurance: 1 Year, in normal use. If the tools have any problem, Tian Bonsai Tools will send you a new one to you without any fee. Just take a photo and send to us to show the problem.

beginners set tools kit review Tian bonsai

Pro Series Kit

4Cr13MoV (certified hardness HRC55)

Beginner Bonsai Tool kit

Master Grade Set

5Cr15MoV (certified hardness HRC58)